Anna Barbieri

Upcoming conferences, talks, and research visits

01/12/2023, Algebraic Geometry in Pavia: Young Perspectives.

07/12/2023, FD seminar (online).

08-12/07/2024, Simple-mindedness, silting and stability, Ambleside, Lake District, UK.

Lecture series

ICRA 2022, title Spaces of Bridgeland stability conditions.

Recent talks


05-16/11/2023, Derived workshop, HMI Bonn, JTP Algebraic geometry: derived categories, Hodge theory, and Chow groups, title Moduli spaces of stability conditions ond of quadratic differentials.

04-09/09/2023, Congresso UMI, Pisa, title Quozienti di categorie di Ginzburg.

6-7/06/2023, Nouveau seminaire ALPE, Toulouse, title Moduli spaces of Bridgeland stability conditions and of multi-differentials.

19/04/2023, MAlgA seminars, Padova, title Categories from marked surfaces and their exchange graphs.


01/12/2022, LAGOON seminars series - Leicester and Cologne (online), title Categories associated with weighted marked surfaces and their stability manifold.

15/11/2022, Milano Statale, title Ginzburg categories associated with weighted marked Riemann surfaces.

3-12/08/2022, ICRA 2022 workshop and conference, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

17/05/2022, Università e Politecnico di Torino (online), title On quiver categories associated to quadratic differentials.

25-29/04/2022, IHES Paris, Workshop in Quantum Geometry, title Riemann-Hilbert problems from refined Donaldson-Thomas theory.


30/09-1/10/2021, Ricercatori in Algebra e Geometria, Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, title From stability conditions to special functions.

09/03/2021, OCAS - Online Cluster Algebra Seminars, title From special functions to stability conditions.

18/02/2021, Roma Tre (online), title From Bridgeland stability conditions to special functions.


24/06/2020, Milano Statale (online), title From Bridgeland stability conditions to special functions.

05/06/2020, MPI Bonn, research course "Stability conditions, DT invariants and their geometry" organized by Gaetan Borot (online), title A quantum Riemann-Hilbert problem from DT theory.

23/04/2020, Paris (online), title From Bridgeland stability conditions to special functions.

Activities organized